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Thread: toyota - new cylinder head--- 1996 2.7L 4 cyl

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    Default toyota - new cylinder head--- 1996 2.7L 4 cyl

    Just installed a new/remanufactured head on my 1996 toyota t100-- 2.7 L. Friend overheated and after a compression test and running it I thought the head was warped or damaged and or blown head gasket.

    With the new head-- got it started but I am not quite happy with it-- just started it in the driveway. Few questions please?
    1. There seems to be a exhaust leak at the manifold--- is there a break in period? I installed a new gasket and torque to the specs—

    2. I also put on a new radiator but it did not suck down any water and started to slightly overheat-- If water does not enter the block-- how is the thermostat going to open?

    3. Is there a break in period on new heads? To seat valves, etc? remanufactured head?

    4. Still white smoke coming from the exhaust -- but that could be a normal warm up period—

    5. All research I saw – sugest that the head and head gasket would be damaged from this type of Over heating-- could any damage be down to the lower end?



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    Hi trpfn03,

    To answer your questions:

    1) No, no break in period to get the exhaust manifold to seat. It may have warped when the engine overheated.
    2) Not sure why you're having trouble filling the cooling system. There are no special filling procedures (like an air bleed valve).
    3) No, also no break-in period for the head.
    4) Is the white smoke really smoke, or is it actually steam? If it's steam, coolant is still finding its way into the combustion chamber(s). If it's smoke, you're burning oil from somewhere. If it doesn't stop, you'll have to do some more diagnosis.
    5) If it overheated severely, the block deck could've gotten distorted or a crack could've developed. Did you check the block deck for warpage? Any damage to the lower end would be due to lubrication issues (as in water in the coolant). But you'd probably be hearing some ugly noises, too. That wouldn't cause the smoke, though. (Bad piston rings could cause it to smoke, though.)

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