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Thread: electrical abbreviations

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    Default electrical abbreviations

    toyota 1997 4runner ltd. What are the abbreviations in the service manual on the right of chassis electarical system? e.g. on the right pabe 12-34, vcc, rsc, rso etc. looking for the sensor wires on tps, oxygen sensor and ignition coil pulse. installing a cng kit and need to connect to these wires.


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    Hello iron man,

    These letter/number combinations are actually terminal codes that the manufacturer has created for the engine control module. The manufacturer does not provide a key for these codes but you can get an idea for what they are based on the sensors that they are connected to. With regard to your project, all of the sensors and wires are included in the diagram. Of course, a factory electrical wiring diagram, specific to your vehicle, would be more useful for you overall.

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