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Thread: idler/tensioner pulley

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    Default idler/tensioner pulley

    I have a 2001 dodge stratus rt w/ 3.0 liter engine. I believe the high squeal I have is coming from the idler/tensioner pulley as it is floating in and out around a 1/4 of an inch. The manual shows how to use the pulley but nothing on removing and installing. I don't want to just turn the bolt without knowing if there are precautions to take and making sure which way to turn.

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    Hello kennyc,

    Firstly, make certain that your lock bolt didn't come loose and simply needs tightening. If that's not it, remove the drivebelt then re-tighten the tensioner pulley by tightening the lock bolt. Feel for play and rough movement of the pulley, ff there is considerable play, replace the pulley. Remove the lock bolt to remove the pulley.

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