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Thread: 1987 Honda 85cc Dirt bike

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    Default 1987 Honda 85cc Dirt bike

    I just bought a 1987 Honda 85cc dirt bike and im having some trouble getting it started. I rebuilt the Carberator and changerd the spark plug. the kickstart gets stuck sometimes and when i can kickstart it it doesnt get any compression. What should I do to fix the problem??

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    Hi jacobpend,

    In 1987 Honda made an 80cc two-stroke (CR80) and an 80cc four-stroke (XR80), but no 85cc bike. Is yours a two- or four-stroke? Either way, you have to find out why you don't have compression. Also, is your fuel fresh? It isn't uncommon for fuel to go bad if the bike has been sitting for awhile.

    If you have a two-stroke, the bike is covered in Haynes manual no. 2222; if you have a four-stroke, it's covered in manual no. 2218.

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