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Thread: Where's the Relay???

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    Default Where's the Relay???

    I own 6 vehicles and I have a Haynes manual for each, but invariably the specific piece of information I need for a DIY job always seems to be missing, glossed over, or obscured.

    I am working on a 1994 Mazda Miata project and I've discovered the horn is dead (I've tested it seperately), but moreover, the single connecting wire is also dead. I performed a voltage check on the wire while activating the horn at the steering wheel. No voltage present. I suspect the horn relay, fuse, or possibly corroded connector at the steering wheel. Unfortunately, my MX-5 Miata Haynes manual contains no schematic for the horn circuit, and the section on "Relays" fails to identify WHERE the horn relay is located in the 1994 model year. On page 12-3 you write about "relays" in general, and you state that ..."On early models the horn relay is in this location (ie. under the dash - driver's side)...but you fail to state where it is on the "later models"! Also, in the text under figure 4.6 you state that ..."and on later models, on the right side of the engine compartment; relays can be identified by their wire colors." And, exactly how do we do that without a schematic to identify the color of the wires we're looing for?

    So...where is the horn relay on my 1994 MX-5, and which fuse, if any protects this circuit, and where is it located?

    I appreciate your help.

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    Hello jds,

    We're sending you a diagram to show you the exact location of the horn relay and an additional diagram for the wiring schematics. We hope you find them helpful. Thanks for contacting us on the message board and for emailing our Technical Research Department.

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