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Thread: Resetting of a sensor warning light

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    Question Resetting of a sensor warning light

    I have replaced disk pads on a mini cooper, 2007 Model, with genuine parts I bought from the Mini Cooper Agent. in addition I also bought and replaced the sensor wire, but warning signal on the dash board stays on, what could be the cause?
    Does the car need some re-setting by the recognised workshop?
    I have done all the resettng on the car navigations on display but nothing happens, instead it shows that my front disc pads need attention and have exceeding allowable distance travelled by 2300 km.
    How can I resolve this warning light showing hand brake warning.


    Tshitso Lebitsa
    Bloemfontein RSA
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    Hello Tshitsol,

    Since we do not have a manual published on your particular vehicle, a recognised workshop may be your best option.

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