ok. so i inherited a 91 buick Park avenue from my dad. while he was monkeying around with it he thinks he shorted a wire... at that moment the automatic trunk pull-down mechanism and the horn quit working. He thought it was perhaps a fusable link as NONE of the main fuses link to these features (I pulled them all out of my spare car and the trunk pull-down still operates) oh, by the way I have spare car that I draw parts from... anyways, i can't find the fuse for the horn or the trunk pull down. This is probably a quick fix - can anyone help???

P.S. The fuse box cover says, "For access for additional fuses remove right sound insulator; check owner's manual" I checked the owners manual that I have and found nothing about a 'right sound insulator'??? What the heck is the right sound insulator and will this be where I can find the fuses for my horn and trunk pull-down mechanism??? thanks!!!