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Thread: 2005 Toyota Highlander - Replacing Washer Fluid Pump

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    Default 2005 Toyota Highlander - Replacing Washer Fluid Pump

    Based on everything I've seen and read, this ought not be a difficult job. However, couldn't find the exact location of the pump. Bought the Haynes manual, and it appears to cover everything BUT this.. Can anyone help me with the step-by-step of locating and replacing this $20 item?

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    Hi alreadytaken,

    Well, I checked in the Toyota Highlander factory service manual and they didn't have instructions either. But from my experience, and from what I've read online, it appears that your washer pump is sealed by a grommet at the bottom of the reservoir and can be removed with pliers. You'll probably have to remove the reservoir for access. When installing the new one, apply some soapy water to the grommet to ease insertion.

    I hope this helps.

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