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Thread: 98 Ford Contour fuel pump removal

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    Default 98 Ford Contour fuel pump removal

    I am trying to remove the fuel pump on a 98 Ford Contour. The Haynes manual indicates that it can be removed through the round access opening found under the rear seat, but it doesn't seem like the opening is large enough for the locking ring or the fuel tank unit flange to fit through. Am I missing something? Was this opening larger on later models or something? It doesn't make sense that they would make an easy access that still requires you to drop the fuel tank to get the pump out. Any assistance you could provide would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

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    Hi Ben,

    As you can see in the Haynes manual, we were able remove our fuel pump through the access hole. Our project vehicle was a '95, so just to make sure, I checked the 1998 Ford factory service manual and the procedure is the same, with the pump coming out through the hole.

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