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Thread: 1991 Nissan Maxima SE

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    Default 1991 Nissan Maxima SE

    I am having a problem with wiring, 6 wires branch off the main cluster in the trunk and go to the middle brake light right under the spoiler they were somehow severered by the trunk hinge causing numerous problems the first of which is in reattaching the wires i have put red to red\ green to green and I believe orange to orange?? My questuion is : the remaining three wires are all identical, brownish color, how can I determine which wire goes with which or does it matter.
    Also when they were severed I believe the bare wires caused a short circuit which in turn has melted wires elsewhere in the circuit because when i apply the brake it blows the brakelight fuse and sometimes the rear running light fuse So question no2 is: does the haynes manual cover the wiring in enough detail to make it worth buying for this problem, so I can come to this forum with at least a basic understanding of what to ask. This problem has cost me many fuses and hours of frustration any help would be much appreciated. Thank You!!

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    Hi red3ulose,

    Unfortunately, that circuit is not contained in the Haynes manual for your car. I checked the Nissan factory service manual and there were no color codes! I checked one last source and found the diagram WITH color codes. There are no brown wires indicated on the diagram, however, there IS black, and a black wire goes to each light in the rear lighting circuit. They are ground wires. So, I'm assuming that those wires you're referring to are ground wires (you can confirm this with an ohmmeter). If they indeed are ground wires, it wouldn't matter which is connected to which.

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