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Thread: I can't find the answer on your manual

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    Default I can't find the answer on your manual


    I bought your manual for a Honda Accord 1994-1997, because my car startered to malfuntion.
    First the oil light went on. i double check the motor oil and it was on the right level.
    Then when i was driving the oil light started to blink at the very same time the check engine light started to blink also. I stop the car i check the car and everything was on levels.
    The other day i was driving the Honda and it started to loose streght while driving it,them the check engine light went on and my car turn off and it started to have smoke from the engine motor.
    I have look in the manual for an answer but i can't find it.
    Please Help.
    Thank you for your time and help
    Louie Ocasio

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    Hello ocasioluis,

    Refer to the troubleshooting section at the front of the manual and also check for trouble codes (see Chapter 6). Check the battery's state of charge: a fully charged battery should measure at 12.66 volts or above.

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