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Thread: Engine picture or diagram

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    Unhappy Engine picture or diagram

    I am so lost and this is my first large engine. Well, sort of. I own a 1987 Georgie Boy Lean Machine. Seems to be the last of this model. Anyway the chassis is a Ford E class, with a 7.5L engine. I am not unfamiliar with engines, but finding my way around in regards to all the extra gadgets on this is insane. I cannot find what is what.

    I have perused the manual for the Ford Full Size Vans, that will be a help in working on tuneups, and minor repairs. However, I cannot find a picture to tell me what is what on this engine. I think I figured out a couple of things but not all.

    I could use some help. Where do I find a pic? What about the transmission for this?

    I hate paying someone to do the work I can do. But....

    Thank you.


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    Hello connieow,

    In your situation, you may have additional equipment in your engine compartment that we are not familiar with because your vehicle is an RV. Our manuals do not have coverage of any RV related equipment. We recommend that you consult with a technician who is familiar with your particular RV and have them point out all of the components in the engine compartment. There are also online forums where RV enthuiasts, with vehicles like yours, post their experiences and share information. The following link is for one of those forums: http://www.georgieboyclub.com/ . One other thing we can do is have you send us a photo (by email) of your engine compartment and we'll see if we can help you define the components that are Ford factory related. Contact our Technical Research Department at research@Haynes.com and they'll assist you as much as they can. This is also true of the transmission.

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