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Thread: 2000 Tundra starter

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    Default 2000 tundra , manual92078 tundra and Sequoia

    I have been a mechanic,machinist,engineer most of my adult life and I have rebuilt and repaired everything from chainsaw engines to CAT D9 engines and have never been close to stumped until I tried to repair the starter on my 2000 toyota tundra.
    First of all I couldn't find it finaly traced wiring to under intake plenum bought Haynes manual and guess what very little usefull info on how to replace starter . Can only wish Haynes would realize this and dosomething about it. I cant find any info on how best to remove starter.

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    Default 2000 Tundra starter

    Does anyone have or know how I can obtain step by step instructions for removing starter on 4.7 L Toyota Tundra? Thank You-- Tonka

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    Hi tonkaman2007,

    Refer to Chapter 2B, Section 5 and remove the upper and lower intake manifolds (they can be removed as an assembly). Then you'll have clear access to the starter motor.

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