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Thread: 99 alero cv axle replacement

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    Default 99 alero cv axle replacement

    i have a dilema my wife figures i should go and spend the money and get a professional to replace the cv axle in our very tired alero (320000) which i may say has been really good to us. she figures that there is a trick to doing this and i say we save the money and do it myself. the only thing i would like to know is do i need a specail tool to do this or is it a clean pull out old one and replace it with the new one?

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    Hello darryl knelsen,

    Very impressive mileage. If you have our manual (#38026), you can read through the procedure and see if you're up for it. No special tools are necessary unless there is a problem with the axle-shaft being stuck in the hub/bearing, then it's just a matter of renting a common puller type tool to remove it... Good luck.

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