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Thread: fuel pump reset switch

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    Default fuel pump reset switch

    i got a 2001 isusu Rodeo..im not getting gas to the injection system..is there a fuel pump reset switch and where can i find it? i have takin the gas line off under the vehecle befor the filter an turned the engine over an no gass come out. i have no manual to go by can some one help me out?
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    Hi croket_32,

    There is no inertia switch on your vehicle. Check all of your fuses in the underhood fuse/relay box. If you can't hear the pump, check for power at the pump when you turn the key On (you should have power for about two seconds, or, if you're cranking the engine, continuous power). Your vehicle is covered in Haynes manual no. 47017; the fuel injection system is covered in Chapter 4B.

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