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Thread: PT Cruiser Repair Manual Chapter 10 /Suspension and Steering systems

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    Default PT Cruiser Repair Manual Chapter 10 /Suspension and Steering systems

    10-1 Hub and bearing assembly (front) - replacement Section 8. I just purchased a Manual from Auto Zone and i am a little disappointed with what i read. I've been a Mechanic for 6 years my Boss/Friend give me hell teaching me everything i know about cars. Our manuals in the shop guided us when we need to see a exploded veiw of what we were working on. My point and question is. Is there anyway i could get information on what i was looking for?

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    Hello Bautisa,

    First, let me just say that our manuals are intended for the do-it-yourselfer, not the professional mechanic. There's no way we can stuff everything that a factory service manual contains into a book that costs a fraction of the price of a factory manual. Also, there are certain jobs that we don't include because of the special equipment needed to perform them properly. Hub and bearing replacement on the PT is one of them, because it requires a bearing splitter, hydraulic press and the proper adapters - tools that 99-percent of the home mechanics won't have.

    Nonetheless, email one of our tech service reps at research@haynes.com or call them (the number is on the last page of the manual). Tell them what you'd like and they'll do what they can to help. Be sure to let them know what model year PT you're working on. You'll also have to give them the number/letter combination on the first page of the manual - it looks something like this: (2X1 - 72098).


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