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Thread: Where is the PCV?

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    Default Where is the PCV?

    Hello there.

    i have a 82 Honda Civic 1500 DX.
    So i bought a Manual book

    it doesnt say anything about a PCV valve or where its located at.
    i tried the internet but came up empty handed.
    then i tried 2 stores, Auto Zone and NAPA. Both of them couldnt help me.

    i dont know where its located, how small it is, or where to even buy that peace.
    so if anybody out there can help me... that would be great.
    and if you could also include pics. that would be even better. thanx

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    You are one of the fortunate ones who do not have to buy this part for your vehicle... One clue is that the auto parts stores cannot sell you one... Crankcase venilation is achieved but not with a typical PCV valve. Check where the hose is connected to the top of your valve cover. Make sure that the port is clear and that the hose is intact and secure at each end. Since your vehicle is older, you may want to check all hoses for cracking or leaks.

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