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    What's your (classic) dream car?

    Don't know if this has already been done but here goes. My current classic dream car would be a Firebird between '68-'73 and preferably a Formula 400 with a 440 engine. Whats yours'?
  2. FIAT Punto 1.3 TD: suitable for bio-blends?

    I have a 2006 FIAT Punto 1.3 diesel that I'd be keen to use bio-diesel in, provided I wasn't going to void the warranty. (I think the base model does not have a particulate filter, which seems...
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    Chevy Equinox - my views

    I just think that when you consider the entire package (price, FE, size, utility, styling, options, warranty, etc.) Chevy Equinox is the best right now. Just one man's opinion.
    I have seen a few...
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