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    1991 toyota camry AC clutch test

    I am disable vet and its a little hard fixing my car but here goes . car has 98k miles 4 banger
    My a/c stopped working and I push the ac button the ac button light up green and stays that way . I...
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    So far I have tried every thing in the Haynes...

    So far I have tried every thing in the Haynes book up to the leaving it unscrewed and beating it with a hammer I do not have the special tool the book show . So far I am leaving it with the bolt and...
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    My friend had a problem like yours he found the...

    My friend had a problem like yours he found the the wiring harness that was running along the floor by the door had gotten wet and corroded the wires causing it to blow the fuses It also caused no...
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    1991 toyota camry ball joint stuck

    I am a disabled vet and have a 91 camry 4 cyl front wheel drive
    The problem I have is the book shows a 2 jaw puller for the ball joint I got a snap on and broke 2 trying to get it off I even tried a...
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    delorean reget not keeping it

    I worked for ASI in Louisville back in 79 to 82 I was a warrenty repair tech and one of the car radios I repaired were the delorean radios I got to drive one in testing the radio and the new power...
  6. 1991 toyota camry dx 4cyl non abs brake line repair

    I have the HAYNES for my 1991 toyota camry but it does not say how to remove the clips that hold the brake lines in and it does not tell how to replace the brake line from the master cyl to the...
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