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  1. Thanks guys, I just ordered the repair manual ...

    Thanks guys, I just ordered the repair manual and I will call also. By the way ....the cool one was great.
  2. 87 Ford E250 econoline Holidair Camper Van problem.

    Hello experts, I just bought the titled vehicle and a few problems are 1.duel fuel tanks do not switch over, switch front rear seems to work. 2. fuel guage does not register, will just rise from ign...
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    my e-mail is tlinegar@nf.sympatico.ca ...

    my e-mail is tlinegar@nf.sympatico.ca thanks for the reply tom
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    2000 f150 fwd problems

    I am using manual no 36059 FORD 97 TO 03. Auto trans /manual fwd lever. hard time moving lever. underneath truck linkage stuck. How do I get grease around these levers and I cannot find info on...
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