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    2001 chevy malibu

    I have a clunking noise in my right front wheel when i go over rough patches, and i want to get this looked at. a friend at work says it may be a bushing? it doesnt do it when i turn so im sure its...
  2. 2001 chevy malibu engine starts reving up

    the past two days ive gotten about 10 miles from work and my engine starts idling really high, im going about 45 - 50 and my foot isnt on the gas. someone at work said sounds like carbon build up on...
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    2001 chevy malibu

    i have had the car for a month. i have had to add coolant , 3 times. i just added more. the check engine light comes on and the coolant tank is almost empty. the car is not running hot. had it...
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    93 dodge dakota

    i have to keep pushing the shifter up into position to start. it takes a few times but it does start. Ive had the neutral safety switch changed, and i had two new motor mounts put on, mech said the...
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