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  1. crankshaft position sensor, '99 jeep...final info.

    Thanks for info...I've elected to let dealership change this sensor. They claim it can be changed using special tools. It would take me forever to drop tranny and go thru too much trouble. Jeep...
  2. '99 jeep grand cherokee crankshaft position sensor...more

    on this 4.0L engine, if had problem with CPS, wouldnt it be coding on PCM....and, if it was, couldn't I see it on odometer display by doing the old trick of turning ignition swith to on 3-times?
  3. crankshaft position sensor...'99 jeep grand cherokee...4.0L

    I'm having extreme difficulty getting to crankshaft position sensor...cant even touch it....can barely see it...how does one go about getting to it....do you have to disassemble half the engine, drop...
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