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  1. My 2001 olds silhouette according to the manufactorer has a coolant fan relay R4005Z

    This relay isn't in the online manual and it's not one of the 3 listed in the book. I'm haveing problems locateing it under the hood the only thing the dealer is telling me is it's there and it's on...
  2. Haynes online manuals doesn't include or I can't the fan control relay.

    On my 2001 olds silhouette I can't find a radiator fan control relay, its not located in the fuse box located under the hood. The part number is R4005Z, in an effort solve the problem; coolant fans...
  3. My 2001 Olds Silhouette running hot and the transaxle is shifting hard

    I took it to the shop and had transaxle fluid and filter changed. They also replaced a cooling fan sensor. it's still running hot and shifting hard. On monday they are going to change the thermostat...
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