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  1. Woo-hoo! Easy fix, it was the Engine Coolant...


    Easy fix, it was the Engine Coolant Sensor and it's in the same place as the GT 3800. A nice "easy" place to get into...below the thermostat in between the block and the exhaust...
  2. Engine Coolant Temperature Sensor location - '03 3800 GTP

    Ok, the code I got was P0128, Coolant Sensor.

    Could you please clarify the location of the sensor for my 3.8 model. The book says two things: (1) It's usually near or around the thermostat area...
  3. Yeah, I'm going to do that as soon as I get home....

    Yeah, I'm going to do that as soon as I get home. I also just ordered the OBD-II book from you all (as well as a coffee mug). If this doesn't work I'm gonna go to onw of the local shops and have...
  4. '03 GTP "Service Engine Soon" warning light...


    Ok...I've basically rebuilt my entire cooling system for my GTP.

    I'm all happy going to work this morning she's running real fine and all of a sudden the "Service Engin Soon" light...
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    Hi, My mom had a Caravan and the tensioner...


    My mom had a Caravan and the tensioner failed as well. It's a throw-away part. Simply remove it and get a new one at a Dodge dealership. I couldn't find an after-market solution. :(
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    Ok, I got it. No need to reply but if your doing this job read on...

    The pulley that was in the way was the power steering pulley. The book doesn't cover the '03 GTP setup well enough in this area. If you're replacing your water pump do it in this order:

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    '03 GTP Water pump, Compressor Question


    I'm replacing my water pump on my '03 GTP. I have all the bolts except one on the bottom left of the water pump (13mm bolt). It's behind the compressor pulley wheel.

    I've read chapters...
  8. Thanks again!

    Once again, you've been an invaluable resource! :D
  9. 2003 Grand Prix GTP3800, heater core hoses and blower motor questions...

    Hi Again,

    I have to explain this so you understand what's gone on...

    I started having temperature flucuations. Then, in the passenger compartment, I started getting an antifreeze smell. Then...
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    Thank You

    Yeah, I think the pin may be missing. In any event, before I send another email I'm going to try to just pull the knob off again. The hole is empty but the knob is just not budging.

    Thanks for...
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    Hi I had a similar problem with my '69 Coronet. ...

    Hi I had a similar problem with my '69 Coronet. Carb was pushing too much fuel causing engine to run very rich. Sounds like it may be a fuel/air mixture sensor. I hope that helps.
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    '03 Grand Prix GTP woes...


    I've owned my GTP for two years now and have just had my heater core blow out on me taking the blower unit with it as well. I've picked up your manual (#38010) and have read and re-read the...
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