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09-10-2010, 11:43 PM
I just bought my Chrysler new yorker 1993 for 100 bucks and the reason why the lady was selling it was you had to always keep your foot on the gas pedal i fixed that but its still running real rough and the exaust is stinking badly cant find in the book an answer for this and my dash instruments aren't working and cant find this in the manual either. i have some connections comming off the wiring harness that arent connected to anything which i think this is the dash problem but i cant find out where they go please help me:confused:

09-13-2010, 05:58 PM
Hello momof2,

It sounds like you have numerous concerns with this older vehicle. Out books are designed to assist in repairs of many components and also include wiring diagrams to aid in diagosiing faulty circuits Tune-up and mainenance information is found in Chapter 1 and there is also a troubleshooting section before that. Unfortunately, our books are not designed for advanced diagnosis. We do have a Techbook series manual on engine management systems that may be helpful with some of the running concerns you have -but a professional diagnosis could save you a lot of time.