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07-11-2010, 01:09 AM
I have a Haynes manual for my 1999 Saturn SL2 (DOHC). I am doing a complete engine rebuild. My camshaft dimensions are all consistently off by about 3/4 of an inch. Is the manual incorrect? Are there updates to the Haynes manuals that I'm not aware of? Can somebody provide me with the cam dimensions? I need the correct lift and journal dimensions. Thanks.

07-12-2010, 05:39 PM
Hi Oceansidesl2,

I checked the cam specs in the Haynes manual against those in the Saturn factory service manual, as well as a recent GM service DVD, and the specs are the same. A difference of 3/4-inch is absolutely HUGE when it comes to cam specs. Are you sure you're reading your micrometer properly?

07-14-2010, 09:57 AM
Yes sir, I am reading my micrometer correctly. I verified all of my readings with another mechanic. I found the problem, though. I pulled a newer book off of the shelf at the local Carquest. It covers Saturn cars through the years 1991 - 2002. The book was published in 2002. The book I have covers Saturn cars through the years 1991 - 1999. The book was published in 1999. There ARE different specs for the cam dimensions. The dimensions I read are correct in accordance with the book that was published in 2002. They dimensions are wrong in accordance with the manual published in 1999. The Haynes number on both books is the same, 87010. Luckily the service manager at Carquest was kind enough to let me copy the first 4 pages of chapter 2B. I have photocopies of both sets of the pages if you'd like to see them. I am concerned, because I am worried that some specs/ procedures have changed, as I can clearly see, and that I am going to do something wrong which might damage my car. Can you provide me with another manual or updates to the one I have? I don't like the idea of having to buy another manual, paying twice for the same info, to get the correct information. Thanks for the help. Tim Sullivan

07-14-2010, 05:00 PM
Hi again Tim,

Call one of our tech service reps at 1-800-442-9637 - they'll arrange to send you a new manual.