View Full Version : Brake Caliper Rebuild kit, Toyota Highlander - Pink Grease

06-24-2010, 03:50 PM
I am rebuilding my brake calipers with OEM kits. Procedure not covered in Haynes Manual.
What is "pink grease" used for, assembly?
Looks different and more of it than black, "High Temp." grease used on caliper sliding pins.


06-24-2010, 05:27 PM
Hi robotics1,

That is probably the "lithium soap base glycol grease" that is to be applied to the piston, piston seal and the inner circumference of the piston boot. According to the factory service manual, it also is applied to the slide pins and boots. The black high-temp grease is to be applied to the anti-squeal shims (the inner surface that contacts the brake pad backing plates). You should check with the dealer parts department to verify this, because the factory service manual doesn't indicate what color the lithium grease is. But since there is more of it, I would assume that it is the stuff that goes on the piston, seal, etc.