View Full Version : 93' Acclaim 3.0L V6

03-22-2010, 06:46 PM
No power to the coil, have fuel pump power, if I am not mistaken the ASD is not faulty if there is power at the fuel pump.SBEC?
Your manual says to use a special jumper for the 2.5L, but not for the 3.0L? Also it does not indicate a crank position sensor?Had an "Ask the expert" tell me it was the ASD, but like I said it also supplies power to the fuel pump?? Which is terminal 19? the Instructions are not written very clear or specific on diagnosing the ignition system, what applies to a 3.0L vs 2.5L etc...
Check for spread terminals? Is this supposed to mean "Bent" terminals? I am very good with vehicles just not module or electronic issues with poor schematics to go by.:confused:

03-22-2010, 11:12 PM
Hi Carbuff,

The SBEC connector (to find terminal 19) is shown in illustration 6.13b; I checked the factory service manual and it also applies to the 3.0L V6, too (as does the jumper wire shown in illustration 6.15). Sorry for the confusion.

Spread terminals refers to the terminals in the female side of a connector. Aggressive probing with a test light can deform them to the point that they don't contact the terminal in the other half of the connector.

As for the wiring diagrams, those are straight from Chrysler Corp. I looked for a better diagram from an alternate source, but it was the same thing.