View Full Version : 98 Merc Grand Marquis 4.6L engine

08-20-2009, 11:05 PM
I just replaced the intake manifold and have re-assembled the everything except for the wind shield wiper covers. I first attempted to start the motor, and it turned over but acted like it wasn't getting any gas. I then looked again at all the electrical connections and noticed that under the hood, near the firewall there are three plug connectors. Two smaller and one larger, with the larger one requiring a bolt be tightened down to get both sides of the plug to seat completely. After tightening this plug, and attempting to start the engine, something must trip because all power is lost. I replaced the battery with one known to be good, and attempted to start again. Same result. I then removed the negative lead from the battery, and after waiting for five seconds re-connected it. Power was restored, but when attempting to start again, all power was lost. There must be a relay or something else that is triping off because I must have something connected incorectly. Any Ideas?