View Full Version : Let's See There Have Been So Many In MY Life..

07-12-2009, 12:18 PM
As a youngster I was introduced to the "Car World" via my fathers 1963 Sunbeam Alpine..

Then there was the 1970 Jeepster commando..

Once I was able to drive.. A 1963 Vw beetle.. was my means of transport.. Painted 1980's album covers.. Pink Floyd the wall, Flock of seagulls, The Police..

then moving away from home.. I acquired a shop.. and stated my first project car. 1970 Chevelle ss 454. The owner had wrecked the car and replaced the front end with a malibu front.. the engine was damaged.. I had it completely apart.. but due to time and some physical aliments.. I was forced to discontinue.

Once I met and married my wife, We went through 11 cars.. most new but some used.. and none of them I would say "very rememberable". until 2003, I was working then, and decided to get a sports car for our weekend getaways..

Again turning to Chevrolet.. I had heard about the new Chevy Corvette.. I had alway been a corvette lover from day one.. just never though I could fit in one, let alone purchase one. Entering one the dealers.. they had several models on display eve some from the late 90's.

Test sitting in a number of Vettes.. I just couldn't fit.. until I sat (which was odd) in a 2003 50th anniversary Corvette Z06.. Yellow with black interior.. I asked the deal how much.. Four salesmen laughed.. they said "Son you can't touch this Vette, It's way out of your price range"

Walking out of the store a bit discouraged and upset.. two days later I headed to their sister store located in another part of the state.. and the same vette was there..

I told the salesman that at their sister store the salesman laughed at me and told me I couldn't touch this vette.. yet we did have a Chevy Tahoe to trade.. The Salesman pulled some strings.. Not only was I sitting in my New Corvette, But we had some spare change to bargain with so I bought my wife a caviler..

We went to all the shows.. took part in the anniversary.. Winning 7 trophies.. and 4 plaques.. Surprisingly the vette eve got great gas milage.. on average 26 mpg.. But in 2004 all that would suddenly change..

While on our vacation in NC.. the major hurricane had just developed and we were asked to evacuate the North carolina shore.. The storm came in so fast.. But we had escaped the biggest part.. and headed to stay in Roanoke VA.. the next morning forecasters informed us that the storm had change course and was heading threw VA.. and right down 81.. Our route home,, we got caught off guard.. and totaled the vette..

Having the vette for just one year made me realize.. its not all everyone talks about.. The other vette owners were not very friendly.. and at one point one of the clubs I tried to join.. asked: "Stand up and tell us about yourself.. but we don't care about you, just your vette" I got up.. and walked out..

After loosing the Vette and the Caviler.. we looked for something fun.. I personally had always wanted a jeep due to the days in the Jeepster commando.. There was something about owning a jeep.. Doors could be removed which offer more freedom, then just taking down the top..

We still own the jeep today.. even with its issues and breakdowns.. One thing is for sure.. all those other cars we owned (or in this case made payments on) just never had what the Jeep now has..

"Don't Laugh, Its Paid For"