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07-09-2009, 03:39 PM
A few weeks ago I was helping a friend refill my antifreeze in our 99 Jeep wrangler.. Because my arms and hands have some limitations. I didn't screw the cap back on the container very well.. After a few miles I heard this thumping sound and pulled over to check..

The antifreeze spilled all over the back of the jeep and all over my Haynes manual.. I contacted Haynes and spoke with Marketing (George) Told him about my issue. The Haynes manual was a sloppy mess.. and wondered if Haynes could replace the manual.

George never hesitated.. and Is sending me a new manual as we speak.. I think the main reason he was thrilled to send me a new manual.. was the fact I have had the Haynes jeep manual on my site as free advertisements.

Our JeepLife always has the Haynes manual in the jeep, thus the confidence has always been there. Thou I may not be able to do the repairs I once was.. I often have to show the manual to repairs shops and point out key steps when making the necessary corrections and installations.

Thanks Haynes and George.