View Full Version : car rolls over but no spark

09-17-2008, 03:56 PM
I have a 1992 toyota celica GTS and about two months back my battery died I was also having troubles with it over heating because of a hole in a radiator hose anyways i was real smart when i got my new battery I stuck it in backwards because i was in a hury and wasn't paying attention anyways i blew the alternator fuse along with a bunch of others i replaced them all but i used the new battery i got in my other car and that car is gone so i just have the old battery so now i try to start the car with it jump started and the engine rolls over but doesn't start and there is no spark in the engine so i took off the distributor cap it was quite corroded so i got an new cap and rotor and also got a new wire set but it still does the same thing i was wondering if it would be the alternator or the ignitor I really have no clue whats wrong with it and im trying to fix it on my own but if i have to ill take it to a mechanic i just dont like going to mechanics because everytime i go to one they rip me off and try and tell me things that need to be done that has nothing to do with whats going on with the car.

09-19-2008, 04:45 PM
Hi troyvt,

Whew - I'm worn out just reading your post! Seriously though, sorry to hear about your problem. Your Celica is covered in Haynes manual no. 92020. In Chapter 5 there's a good ignition system checking procedure. That would be your best place to start diagnosis. All of the ignition system component replacement procedures are in there, too.

Good luck with that!