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Jr. Mechanic
09-06-2008, 04:16 PM
Hi, new here. I have a 97 Plymouth Neon, 2.0 SOHC auto. According to your haynes manual in the engine electrical section, if there is no ground pulse from the coil driver circuits, it USUALLY indicates a bad PCM. I replaced the PCM, twice, still with no avail. No codes, and everything functions as it should, without spark. I have a 12v feed to the coil, just nothing from the secondary circuits from the PCM, the wiring harness, cam sensor, crank sensor, coil pack, plugs, and wires have been replaced as well, and the timing has been reset. All of this happened after a head gasket job, but it ran fine for a day.

Not looking for free help here seeing as how I already bought your book, I am just hoping that one of your techs can follow through and help me, I dont want to have to post in the other section about what car I regret selling :(


09-08-2008, 04:30 PM
Hi Jr.,

Email one of our tech service reps at research@haynes.com - they'll do what they can to help you. Be sure to give them all of the specifics about your car, the manual you're using, and also the number on the title page, just to the right of the Haynes logo.