View Full Version : PT Cruiser 2001 Thermostat Housing Replacement

john engel
11-19-2007, 02:19 AM
My trusted service station did the brake house replacment and brake work on our 2001 PT cruiser, and looked for our coolant leak. He tells me it is the thermostat housing; it has a leak and needs replacing. He ordered the part for me. I want to install myself

My manual discusses thermostat replacement, and the housing cover, but not the housing itself.

Do I need to remove the intake manifold to replace the housing? It does not look like it....

The housing new in the box, did not come with any gaskets. Did I need to order any new gasket(s) and my trusty mechanic overlooked this?

Should I replace the thermostat rubber o-ring gasket while I am in there too?

Any other precautions, besides draining the coolant befoe hand of course?

John Engel
St. Albert Canada

11-19-2007, 04:47 PM
john - Remove the thermostat as described in your Haynes manual, then unbolt the housing from the block. There's also a hose you have to disconnect, and you might want to replace it as well. There IS a gasket between the housing and the block, so you'll have to get one of those. Housing-to-block bolt torque = 20 ft-lbs.