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06-17-2008, 01:20 AM
I am in the process of taking out the 4-speed automatic on my 1991 Plymouth Acclaim. I am using a Haynes manual. As with the clutch I replaced on my 1986 Olds, and the head gaskets I replaced on my 1986 and 1989 Olds', I always seem to encounter things the folks who "totally dissasembled and reassembled" my cars to write the manual did not.

Acorrding to the manual, all I need do after removing the axles, engine mounts, starter, coolant hoses and electrical connections is seperate the bell housing from the engine block pins and "drop out the transmission."

My car now sits with the engine on one jack and the tranny on another.....tight against the main front suspension beam, but not yet far enough from the fly wheel to clear the shaft and allow the tranny to be lowered.

If anyone can offer a way to get the tranny out, without removing the front cross member and control arms, I sure would be grateful!


06-17-2008, 03:17 PM
zbiguy - The easiest way to do the job is to use a engine support that mounts on top of the engine compartment from fender to fender and has a chain that can be adjusted to lower or raise the engine and trans together to make it easier to remove the transaxle. If you don't have one you can rent them or make one by screwing two 2X4s together, side to side and allow them to sit across the engine compartment on end. You may want to place a block of wood or two by the shock towers-inner fenders to make it easier to keep the support level. Drill a 1/2 inch hole between the two in the middle of the support. Most hardware stores have long eyelet bolts (1/2 diameter is needed) slide it into the drilled hole and place a couple of washers and a nut to adjust how far the bolt can be pulled through the support. Place a chain through the eyelet and mount it to the engine. Now you have a solid support and the engine and transaxle can be moved up and down as needed. We do state in the manual that you need to remove any suspension parts that are in your way.