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04-24-2008, 01:39 AM
I have Chilton manual #28660 and on page 4-30 for setting the crankshaft positoning sensor I need a special tool refered to as J-37089 and I need to know what it is called and hopefully where to get one so I can finish my job the right way. I hope you can help me out. It is Fig. 94 on that page for the picture of the tool I'm refering to. In many instances there are special tools redered to with part numbers and I would like a reference guide for these tools if I can get one please.
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04-24-2008, 05:03 PM
Hi sawman50,

That tool, Kent-Moore part no. J 37098 is the crankshaft sensor positioning tool. It also checks the vanes on the crank pulley for proper alignment. I did a couple of searches on the 'net and found the tool, but was surprised at the retail price - $598.00!!!

The important thing about installing the crank sensor is to be sure the vanes on the crank pulley pass through the sensor without contacting it. You might be able achieve the same result by building up layers of posterboard between the sensor and each side of the vane on the pulley (both components removed from the engine, of course), then installing the two components together, tightening the sensor bolts, then removing the posterboard. After that, rotate the crankshaft by hand (with a wrench on the pulley bolt) and make sure there is no contact between the sensor and the vanes on the pulley (the factory spec is 0.025-inch clearance between the vane and the sensor). Or spend the 600 bucks for a tool you'll probably never use again! Maybe somebody makes an aftermarket tool, but I didn't run across one. If you're unsure about getting the sensor aligned properly, you might want to think about having this job done at a shop with the proper tool.

Good luck!