View Full Version : 1991 toyota timing ?

03-15-2008, 02:48 AM
i am trying to set the timing on my 1991 toyoya truck with the 22 r-e 4 cylinder motor in it . i replaced the head gasket and know i can not get the timming set ?? the manual say's to put the two shinny links on the timing chain at the mark's on the cam sproket , but there are not two shinny links together to do this. i have the number 1 cylinder at tdc and the cam shaft dowel at 12 oclock what do i do next. ??

03-17-2008, 03:19 PM
jamie - Toyota sets the timing chain up using the plated links, thats the only way you can set it up. When you purchase the new chain you should be able to see them, some chains are really easy to tell and some are not you have to look really close at all the links. If you can't find them you may want to take the chain back to where you purchased it from and check a couple others to see if you can see them.