View Full Version : 1968 International heavy-half ton

01-12-2011, 07:59 PM
Back in 1998 I purchased my first vehicle - a 1968 International Heavy-half ton with three on the tree. It was alot of fun!! The guy I bought it off of was the original owner and had coverted it to propane and gas. I ran it on propane as the gaskets were too dried out to run it on gas it just sprayed everywhere!!! It was so much fun to drive and tool around town in. i was living in a very small town and everyone knew the truck. the original owner was well known and he had ordered it custom from the factory in 1968 for 1200 dollars!! i bought it for 950. It was blue and gold (??!!) had a sunroof he put in himself. original owners manual, and bench seats. His kids all learned to drive in that truck and were very sad to see their dad sell it. I wanted so badly to fix it up but i was young and low on cash. I ended up having it towed off my property by a local junk dealer and it probably still sits in his graveyard to this day. That truck was a barrel of fun. Especially when every old guy in town waved when it went by!! they thought it was Jack - the original owner. Lots of break downs but worth the ride!!!