View Full Version : Replacing blower motor/1997 Olds LSS

Tom Crumley
11-19-2010, 08:55 PM
I have purchased Haynes Manuals for all my cars, my brothers, and my sons. They have been great. As I read the manual about replacing the blower motor, it just does not look like I will have enough room to work. I am hesitant to move the fuel lines or the bracket that holds them, is this an unrealistic fear? I you have any tips regarding replacing the blower motor they would be appreciated. If not I will probably recruit one of my sons to help me keep from making some foolish mistake. Are any of the replacement motors slightly smaller in depth? Thanks in advance for any suggestions. Your manuals have been a major help to everyone in my family, and I thank you for the ease of using them.

11-19-2010, 09:24 PM
Hi Tom,

The factory service manual doesn't mention anything about repositioning fuel lines ,but if they'er in the way, you might have to move them. That shouldn't be a problem, just don't kink the lines or stress the hoses, and don't disconnect the fittings unless you depressurize the fuel system.

Your vehicle might have a cross brace in the engine compartment that might be in the way, too. Also, there's a note in the procedure in the Haynes manual that says on some models the rear valve cover might have to be removed to provide enough room. That was probably something that we found out in our workshop (it isn't in the GM service manual).

As far as the replacement motor dimensions, well, we don't have access to information like that.

Good luck with your project. Also, thanks for the kind words and for using our manuals!